inShareplus Waterproof Wire Connectors Kit, Outdoor Electrical Wire Nuts 30 Pack, Black


❉UPC: 712962541919

❉ Fits AWG # 22-12Wire,Perfect for outdoor wiring and irrigation valves

❉ For Outdoor/Irrigation, Outdoor/Electrical wire splices usage, For connections exposed to condensation, water, vapour or dust

❉ Wire type: Copper/Copper

❉ Easy to use: No pre-twisting required, the cone shaped spring holds the wires firmly together

❉ Seller Warranty: High quality with 1 year warranty, our customer support team will always stand behind our products in any way, please feel free to contact us if you have any question


Waterproof wire connectors has excellent performance in waterproof and moisture-proof that could protect the splice for more than twenty years. Erosion or loose contact is the main cause of electrical accident, which may result in fire. They are perfect for the connection of single strand wires and also suit to connection of multi strand wires, but not allow pulling of the joint.

Max. Voltage: 600V Connector Size: 11mm x 21.5mm Wire Range: Min #22/Max #12 (AWG) Temperature Rating: 105°C (221°F) Silicone Sealant: -45°F to 400°F

Package includes:
30 x waterproof wire connectors