Face Neck Massager Anti-Aging LED Light Sonic Vibration Heat Wrinkles Removal Skin Tightening Neck Lift Beauty Device

  • 45° Heat Massage: 45 constant temperature hot compress to open pores, deep heating of collagen cells, brings blood flow to every area, promotes circulation.


  • Ergonomic Design: According to the human body engineering and the  physiological curve of the neck, it owned a comfortable shape, during the process of pushing and lifting, skin becoming flatten and tighten.


  • 3 Color Lights: 3 modes of light can meet your difference of skin care. Blue light can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen,  activate skin, tighten loose skin, shrink pores, greatly improve oily skin and severe sensitive skin.


  • Red light  enhance cell vitality, accelerate the blood circulation,  promote the growth of fiber cells and collagen, smooth fine lines, wrinkles, , tighten skin and lighten the pigment, dilute scare. 


  • Purple light can improve the alternate funtion of cell oxygen utilization, promote the microcirculation on the surface of the body, drege lymph and drainage edema, at the same time,  have the effect of sedation, balance and stability


  • EMS microcurrent release intermittent pulse current, stilulates ATR prodution , improve facial muscle fiber elasticity, activates collagen protein activity and tighten skin.

  • Anti Wrinkles: Light waves rea-ch the bottom of the skin, quickly eliminating fatigue, make your face creams, serums, and lotions work faster and better, reduce appearance of fine line, wrinkle.


  • Portable Home Use: Wrinkles massager provide a professional spa tech, now you can enjoy the neck beauty benefits on your home with a low price, rechargeable design let you easy to use and carry.