2 PCS Eyebrow Pencil Brush Waterproof and Sweatproof 5 Colors


1. Waterproof and anti-sweat, long-wear. Set the color in and last all day long.

2. Nice designed eyebrow applicator, easy to color, and smudge-proof.

2. Tattoo sense of super durable, help you create nature and vivid eyebrow makeup.

3. High quality, easy to make up, and suit for all eyebrows.


4.  Black, Red Brown, Dark Brown, Grey Brown, Light Brown


How to use:
Step1: Apply to start at the arch of the brow going towards the tail
Step2: Continue to apply from the front of the brow towards the arch using short upward strokes
Step3: Draw eyebrows with a narrow area.
Step4: Filling in gaps to create the look of nature to enhance your eyebrow.